Fill The Stadium [AGEL WORLD 2012]


โปรโมชั่นการไปร่วมงาน AGEL WORLD 2012 ที่รัฐยูท่าห์สหรัฐอเมริกา

There are three ways to earn points!
1 PT Enroll a preferred customer with at least 60 CV
2 PTS Enroll a Personal Pack
5 PTS Enroll an Executive pack
7 PTS Enroll a Professional Pack
1 PT for each new enrollment if that person
places an order the following month with
at least 100 CV. 60 CV for Preferred
Customer enrollments
10 PTS Take your current rank in September and
rank advance 1 time during the 6 month
promotion to earn 10 points (for those
who enroll after September we will take
your Team Member rank when you join
the company)
How many points do I need to qualify for this promotion?

3 Qualify Level
45 POINTS qualifies you at level 1 which gives you three nights hotel in SLC and $100 store credit voucher!

70 POINTS qualifies you at level 2 which gives you three nights hotel in SLC two nights hotel in Park City, Dinner with the Execs and qualifiers, and a $200 cash in hand reward to spend how you like.

90 POINTS qualifies you at level 3 which gives you everything a level 2 gets but instead of $200 cash Agel will give you $700 in cash to spend as you like!

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